Renting A Dumpster? You Likely Have The Following Questions

If you have an upcoming project that requires getting rid of a lot of trash, you are going to need a dumpster to take care of it all. If you've never rented a dumpster before, you likely have a few questions about using one before moving forward. 

Will The Dumpster Damage The Ground?

You do have some control over where the dumpster will be placed when it arrives at your home or business. If you are placing the dumpster on a cement surface, you have nothing to be worried about when it comes to the dumpster damaging the ground due to the weight. However, be more concerned about the dumpster being set down on grass. It is possible that the weight of the dumpster can create some pretty large indentations on your grass if you are not careful. You can prevent this from happening by placing boards down for the feet of the dumpster to rest on. It distributes the weight over a wide surface and causes less damage to your grass. 

Are There Restrictions About What Can Be Placed In A Dumpster?

Be aware that you can't just throw anything into a dumpster. The dumpster likely has warnings on it about what can and cannot be thrown into the dumpster, and you need to listen to those guidelines. You may think you are getting away with putting something in the dumpster illegally, but you can get fined for doing so when the dumpster is emptied.

For example, if you are doing a renovation project where you are removing asbestos, that material must be disposed of in a specific way and cannot be thrown in a dumpster. Dangerous chemicals that can catch on fire can also not be placed in a dumpster, so you must follow special procedures to dispose of them. There may even be restrictions on appliances, electronics, and paint. 

What Happens If The Dumpster Gets Filled Up Prematurely?

If you fill up the dumpster faster than anticipated, you always have the option to have the dumpster rental company pick the dumpster up and drop off a new one. There are charges involved with renting a second dumpster, which is why it is always best to order one of the appropriate size. Getting a dumpster bigger than you need to be on the safe side may be ideal, especially if you cannot afford downtime with having to swap the full dumpster for a new one. You'll also run into problems if the dumpster is filled above the top since debris can fly out when the full dumpster is in transit. 

To learn more, contact a dumpster rental company.