Environmentally Friendly Dumpster Practices

A dumpster rental is an asset to any business owner who deals with an abundance of trash. In spite of having access to a readily available unit to dispose waste items in, a dumpster can become a target for wild animals and may also emit scents that could be off-putting. Use the following environmentally friendly practices to keep your rental dumpster protected and clean.

Use The Latch And Add A Lock

If your dumpster rental is set up in an area where squirrels, birds, and other wild animals migrate, some creatures may try to enter the confines of the dumpster. Besides needing to deal with bird droppings on top of the dumpster, you and your employees may encounter an animal within the confines of the waste receptacle. Never overfill the dumpster. Most rental units will contain some sort of lid and latch system that will allow you to keep the dumpster closed off from intruders.

If the rental facility that has furnished the dumpster offers accessories with the rentals they supply, inquire about adding a lock to your rental plan. A lock will keep your dumpster secure, plus will prevent people who are prohibited from dumping trash into your waste receptacle from doing so.

Keep Your Dumpster Clean

If you aren't familiar with what types of waste items are allowed in your dumpster, request a list from your rental company. Chemicals, batteries, and other items that may be deemed as hazardous should not be placed inside of the dumpster. Any food scraps should be contained within a bag, prior to tossing them into the dumpster. Your rental provider will empty your dumpster when you request it, but they likely won't sanitize the waste receptacle.

Since a dumpster contains gaps along its bottom, you can rinse out the dumpster whenever it has been emptied. Use a hose to rinse the interior of the dumpster. If any garbage has spilled onto the top or the sides of the container, use a cleaning agent and water to remove stains and unpleasant scents that are associated with spills.

Clean the area where the dumpster sits, to further freshen up the area where trash is stored. Implement a trash disposal plan. This plan should involve requiring your employees to rinse out food containers and other trash that is heavily-scented, prior to bagging up the waste and placing it inside of the dumpster. 

For more information, contact a company that offers dumpster rentals