One Important Step To Take Before Opening Your Business Back Up After The COVID-19 Shut Down

Let People In, Keep Germs Out

Are you a business owner who is considering opening your doors again for the first time since the Coronvirus pandemic hit? Maybe you are an essential employer who never wavered in providing the goods and services that people rely on. The global COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every American in some way. Wearing masks and carrying hand sanitizer everywhere you go has become the new normal. Have you considered how this pandemic will change the way that you operate your business to keep your employees and customers safe? Investing in regular sanitization services is your first step. 

Unseen Dangers

The Center for Disease Control has confirmed that the transmission of COVID-19 occurs through contact with respiratory droplets from an infected person. This contact, however, does not have to be direct. These droplets make their way to a variety of surfaces and can spread the disease if another person comes into contact with one of these infected surfaces. Close your eyes and picture your business. How many surfaces do customers and employees touch on a regular basis? Multiple people will touch surfaces like bathrooms, cash registers, computers, phones, and merchandise every day.

Masks Are Not Enough

What makes this virus so hard to fight is that people may not know they are infected for up to two weeks after transmission or they may never show symptoms of the virus, all while exposing everyone and every object they come into contact with to the virus. It is important to thoroughly clean your business because of this uncertainty. Despite precautions like employee temperature checks or mask requirements, seemingly-healthy people will spread the droplets and can devastate your business. How would you recover from news headlines stating that a person believes they contracted coronavirus at your business?

Cleaning Beyond the Surface

Business sanitization uses powerful EPA registered, environmentally friendly cleaning products to disinfect every surface in your store or office. This type of cleaning goes far beyond simply wiping down surfaces. This thorough cleaning includes disinfecting not only hard surfaces like tabletops, but also soft surfaces. Carpet, curtains, chairs, and merchandise can harbor germs and are nearly impossible for the average business owner to properly sanitize without the help of professionals and commercial grade cleaning products.

Investing in the Future

While experts continue to learn more about this pandemic daily, they already know that proper sanitization can lower the risk of infection. As the world figures out what the new normal is for safe business practices, proper disinfecting procedures will be at the top of the list. Regular business sanitization is the way of the future and now is the right time to get your business ready for that future and call your local eco-friendly disinfection company.

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